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Avec des textes sur l'effet CREIL qui s'applique en astronomie (quasars, supernovas, rougissement des spectres des astres, redshifts, effet Doppler, Pioneer Anomalous Acceleration, radiations fossiles, CMB, big-bang, univers, Sn1987A, Snr1987A, Strömgren).

L'effet CREIL en bref. HTML

Présentation de l'effet CREIL (remplaçant de l'effet d'expansion). HTML

The CREIL. pdf

JMB = Jacques Moret-Bailly

JeanMB = Jean Moret-Bailly

JMB Pourquoi faire compliqué (big bang) plutôt que simple (physique ordinaire) en astrophysique ?.pdf 2017-08-23

JMB Rational astrophysics.pdf February 3, 2017

JMB Pour une astrophysique rationnelle.pdf 2016-10-04

JMB Spectra of quasars16(1).html 2016-08

JMB Theory of spectra of quasars 2.pdf August 8, 2016

JMB Theoretical spectroscopy of quasars within Karlsson’s law.pdf March 11, 2016.

JMB Absorption spectrum of very low pressure atomic hydrogen.pdf December 25, 2015

JMB Coherent spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen in nebulae: I ISRS. Low pressure Strömgren spheres.pdf May 31, 2014

JMB Coherent ...: II ISRS. Absorption spectrum of very low pressure, relatively cold atomic hydrogen: Lyman forest and Karlsson's formula.pdf May 31, 2014

JMB Ab-initio computation of Karlsson's constant.pdf 30 sep 2013

JMB Optical Coherence in Astrophysics: The Powerful Alternative of Big Bang .pdf August 5, 2013

JMB La cohérence optique en astrophysique.pdf 17 novembre 2012

JMB Propagation of light: Coherent or Monte-Carlo computation ?.pdf October 4, 2011

JMB Anti-Photon.pdf September 23, 2010 ; Continuation : Anti-photon (W.E. Lamb, Nobel 1955)

JMB Introduction of coherence in astrophysical spectroscopy.pdf February 8, 2010

Louis Marmet DRAFT: Quantitative Comparison of Redshift Mechanisms.pdf 3rd March, 2010

JMB Comparison of Monte-Carlo and Einstein methods in the light-gas interactions.pdf January 18, 2010

JMB Coherent spectroscopy in astrophysics. Application to the Strömgren model.pdf QQ7 Grenoble 2-4 décembre 2009

JMB 25th IAP conference 2009 July 6-10, Paris. Spectroscopy of a Strömgren system.pdf

JMB Structure and light emission of a Strömgren system.pdf May 29 2009

JMB Coherent spectroscopy of supernova remnant1987A.pdfOctober 10, 2008

JMB Coherent spectroscopy in astrophysics: SNR1987A, quasars, galaxies ...pdf Oct2008

JMB Spectroscopie cohérente en astrophysique: SNR1987A, quasars, galaxies ...pdf Octobre 2008

JMB Spectroscopy of a Strömgren sphere. September 28, 2008

JMB Une étrange supernova: SN 1987A. Aspect et spectres. pdf Société astronomique de France, le 17 mai 2008

JMB 0801.0925_SNR1987A.pdf Light emission of very low density hydrogen excited by an extremely hot light source; applications in astrophysics. January 7, 2008

JMB Idées reçues. HTML Octobre 2007

JMB 0706.0390v1[physics.gen-ph] Superradiance and stimulated scatering in SNR 1987A.pdf 4 june 2007

JMB 0702075v1 [physics.gen-ph] Explaining the pearl necklace of SNR 1987A by coherent optics.pdf 9 Feb 2007/22 june 2007

JMB Quelques applications de l'optique paramétrique en astrophysique.pdf Mars 2007

JMB Spectrum of a very hot object in hydrogen. November 7, 2006

JMB. 0607105/Origin of the pearl necklace of Sn1987A. 13th July 2006

JMB The Coherent Raman Effect on Incoherent Light (CREIL).HTML 06-2006

JMB The Coherent Raman Effect on Incoherent Light (CREIL) Apeiron [.pdf] 2006

JMB Anomalous frequency shifts and periodicities in astrophysics [.pdf] 06-2006

JeanMB Questions Réponses sur l'effet CREIL et le décalage vers le rouge du spectre des astres lointains.[.pdf] Juin-Septembre 2006

JMB Anomalous frequency shifts in astrophysics.[.ppt] By Jacques Moret-Bailly May 2006

JMB Conditions for Doppler-like redshifts by matter and application. [.pdf]

JMB The parametric light-matter interactions in astrophysics. Jacques Moret-Bailly aug 2005

Décalages de fréquence anormaux dans le système solaire. Traduction libre par Jean Moret-Bailly de arxiv :physics/050741 du 19 juillet 2005 révisé le 28 août 2005.

JMB Anomalous frequency shifts in the solar system. 19 jul 2005/28 aug 2005/5 april 2006

Interaction entre des faisceaux incohérents de lumière se propageant dans de l’hydrogène atomique excité ; applications en astrophysique. Écrit par Jean Moret-Bailly à partir d’un article en anglais de Jacques Moret-Bailly du 10 mars 2005 et que quelques autres documents, en juin 2005.

JMB Interaction between incoherent light beams propagating in excited atomic hydrogen; applications in astrophysics 10 mar2005 ppt.doc

JMB Some fundamental problems in the physics of the twentieth century oct 2004

JMB The accreting neutron stars are quasars, and the universe does not expand. 28 june 2004

JMB Building of the spectrum of an accreting neutron star. Jacques Moret-Bailly Mai 2004

JMB neut_pio_16.pdf May 8, 2004 Propagation of electromagetic waves in space plasma. Applications

Jerry W. Jensen 404207_ 6, 2004 Supernovae Light Curves: An Argument for a New Distance Modulus

Jerry W. Jensen JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0401529 v1 25 Jan 2004 Propagation of electromagnetic waves in space plasma. Jerry Jensen and Jacques Moret-Bailly>

JeanMB CREIL effect and Doppler effect by Jean and Jacques Moret-Bailly (HTML-from French-2004-CREIL effect initiation)

JeanMB JMB Effet CREIL et effet Doppler par Jean et Jacques Moret-Bailly (version révisée 2004 du texte suivant). Textes HTML d'initiation à l'effet CREIL pour francophones.

JeanMB JMB Effet CREIL et effet Doppler par Jean et Jacques Moret-Bailly (HTML-Première version en Janvier 2004). Ce texte a été publié sur le site

JMB IEEE transactions on plasma sciences. 6 december 2003. Propagation of light in low-pressure ionized and atomic hydrogen: application to astrophisics

JMB Journal of Theoretics Volume 5-5, Oct-Nov 2003 (3+0)D Electromagnetic Solitons and de Broglie's "Double Solution"

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0310452 v2 4 Nov 2003 Are the quasars the missing "accretor isolated neutron stars"?

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0310087 v1 3 Oct 2003 The quasars are neutron stars embedded in clouds of hydrogen.

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0308425 v2 28 Aug 2003 Computation of the spectra of the quasars.

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0307140 v1 8 Jul 2003 Theory of the quantification of the redshifts.

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0305180 v3 6 Jul 2003 Propagation of light in low pressure ionised and atomic hydrogen. Application to astrophysics.

JMB arXiv:physics/0305109 v1 26 May 2003 Spontaneous emission of a small source of light.

JMB arXiv:quant-ph/0303059 v1 11 Mar 2003 Merging quantum theory into classical physics.

JMB 24 December 2002 A tentative elementary model of quasars

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0208405 v1 22 Aug 2002 How the BAL quasars are quiet.

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0203099 v1 7 Mar 2002 The coherent Raman scattering in astrophysics; application to a new model of quasar.

JMB arXiv:physics/0203051 v3 22 Apr 2002 The zero point field and the reduction of the wave packet in semiclassical electrodynamics.

JMB arXiv:math-ph/0201002 v1 2 Jan 2002 (3+0)D electromagnetic solitons and de Broglie's "double solution".

JMB arXiv:physics/0112048 v1 17 Dec 2001 The zero point field in low light level experiments.

JMB 0110525_The dificult discrimination of Impulse Stimulated Raman Scattering redshift against Doppler redshift J. Moret-Bailly _February 4, 2002

JMB Asunto: debate about Big-Bang and materialism Fecha: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 10:25:09 +0100

JMB arXiv:quant-ph/0107011 v1 3 Jul 2001 Pointlessness and dangerousness of the postulates of quantum mechanics.

JMB arXiv:physics/0105055 v1 18 May 2001 Linearisation of optical e_ects at low light levels.

JMB arXiv:nlin.PS/0104007 v1 4 Apr 2001 Wave particle duality: Merging de Broglie's "double solution" waves into (3+0)D electromagnetic solitons.

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/0103508 v1 30 Mar 2001 A Doppler-like strong light-matter interaction.

JMB arXiv:astro-ph/9810473 v1 29 Oct 1998 A Doppler-looking redshift observed in the labs; application to quasars

JMB APEIRON Vol. 5 Nr. 1-2, January-April 1998 Page 31 Can Astronomers Observe a Difference between a Doppler Effect and Coherent Parametric Raman Scattering?

JMB Correspondence of classical and quantum irreversibilities.10 dec 1997

JMB APEIRON Vol. 3 Nr.2 April 1996 Page 27 Quantum Mechanics an Approximation of Classical, Non-Linear Physics?


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